Step into the award-winning fusion of New Zealand mountain home and USA Ranch on an 80-acre canvas.


This 2100 sqm masterpiece, crowned the winner of the Master Builders National Award for best home in Australia in the above $4M category, exemplifies excellence in design and construction.

Award winning build

The construction journey began with the excavation of the entire house footprint into solid rock. To facilitate access throughout the expansive estate, roads were meticulously built. The property’s power and connectivity were upgraded with the installation of new electrical mains and a state-of-the-art fiber optic cable network.

Environmental sustainability took precedence with the creation of three home sewer treatment plants and the establishment of a robust 500,000-litre water storage system on-site, ensuring self-sufficiency and responsible resource management.

At the heart of this architectural marvel stands a 10m high, 19th-century style timber barn, seamlessly incorporated into the structure through a marriage of structural steel and window facades. Crafted from solid blackbutt with mortice and tenon fixings, the barn serves as the centerpiece, marrying historical aesthetics with modern functionality.

The culmination of these meticulous construction efforts not only earned the acclaim of the Master Builders National Award but also solidified this residence as an iconic example of architectural excellence, a testament to the harmonious coexistence of innovation, tradition, and the natural landscape. Welcome to a home where every detail reflects the client’s dreams and the builder’s commitment to crafting extraordinary living spaces.