Inspired by English arts, stands proudly atop an escarpment with a breathtaking 100 meters of cliff frontage.



This exceptional home was recognised with the prestigious 2016 Master Builders Gold Coast Best Individual Home award in the $2M - $4M category. From its cliffside vantage point to the meticulous incorporation of artistic elements, this residence stands as a testament to both elegance and innovation in construction. Welcome to a haven where contemporary luxury and natural beauty converge seamlessly.

The build

Nestled on the grounds of a former avocado plantation, this stunning residence is perched atop an escarpment with an impressive 100 meters of cliff frontage. Drawing inspiration from English arts, the comfortable yet luxurious contemporary home is a mountain retreat featuring porphyry stone, hand-formed zalmag roofing, and an elegant mix of copper and timber clad walls.

The interior is adorned with numerous features, including fireplaces and captivating staircases, with a standout being the twisted stair box that gracefully connects the three levels of this split-level home. Each detail reflects a commitment to architectural finesse and modern comfort.

The site’s small house overlooking the escarpment has been transformed into a luxury guest house, mirroring the fittings and features of the main residence. The estate is further complemented by sprawling roadways and extensive terraced gardens, creating a harmonious blend of nature and man-made design.